BalloonBox is a technology company that specializes in data science solutions.
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Our Work

We bring cross-industry expertise backed by a deep knowledge of data handling, product development and engineering solutions.
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Need a bot to beat a team of traders?
Built and deployed a multi-market currency trading bot.
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Product Development
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How do you engage with more customers or communities without enlarging your team?
Developed a chatbot that engages with communities on Twitch.
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Rapid Prototyping
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Can abstract human factors really be quantified and applied to measure impact on business?
Modelled the quantitative effect that diversity & inclusion has on production output.
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Data Science
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Fail fast, succeed faster - wouldn’t you agree?
Advised several startups on go-to market strategy, team culture, product strategy, revenue forecasting and more..
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Product Innovation


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Product Development

Full stack product development for select use cases which the team is passionate about. We pour our hearts and minds into every project to the utmost extent.
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Rapid Prototyping

Not quite ready for full scale product development? We’re fond of the validated learning approach, & so are our clients. We build prototypes or ‘MVPs’ for just about anything to help you figure out if it’s really what you need.

Data Science

No buzz words, our team just takes a special interest in complex problem solving requiring slightly more sophisticated approaches. Data Science services often help clients pinpoint a unique problem or unravel a mystery.
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Business Innovation

Startups, scale ups, or enterprises often need an injection of inspiration whether that be toward structure, growth, finding product-market-fit or scaling.

Product Innovation

From digitizing your physical product offering, to monetizing an idea, Balloon Box inspires your product vision no matter where you are in the innovation cycle.
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People Innovation

Chat to us about how to grow a team culture, function in a remote-working environment or cultivate a good work-life balance to get the most out of your employees and visa versa.

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