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Brings Data to Life

We bring cross-industry expertise backed by a deep knowledge of data handling, product development and engineering solutions.

Our Services

web 3.0 development

Oracle Design

We build bridges between web2 and web3 in the form of oracles. Oracles validate real world events in order to execute instructions deployed on smart contracts.

DApps (Decentralized Applications)

We're blockchain agnostic and specialize in defi - whether it's wallets, DEXs or DAOs and more...

Smart Contract Development

Want to make a change from centralized rulesets? We help clients build smart contracts for a host of use cases.
Data Consulting

Data Maturity

What data sources do you have on hand, what could you mine and how mature is your organization. (quality, quantity and richness of your data)

Data Monetization

Are you using your data to create new products? To remove waste and inefficiencies? To get ahead of your competitors? Are you using your data to remove bias and make fact based decisions?

Data Science

Are you growing and evolving as an organization as your data grows and tells an ever evolving story? We help you employ sophisticated approaches in machine learning and artificial intelligence to help extract the narrative.
Software development

Solution Design

Anything from a thought to an idea. We play with what you have in mind and develop solutions in the form of products, tools or applications of any size. 

Product Architecture

Whether you need something built from scratch or on an existing stack, we’ll put together an architecture that meets the requirements of your team, partners or investors.

Product Development

Full stack development. We build beautiful, functional products and help you launch from Beta right through Production. 

Our Work

Discover. Elevate

We help you fall in love with your data

Everyone needs to fall in love with their data, whether you’re a bank, a government, a retailer, a soccer team or even a nursery school. Why guess what decisions you should be making next, listen to your data and learn from it.
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Case study

Whether it’s launching a wallet, an exchange or a crypto bank, we love designing and building fintech solutions.

When it comes to building products, we’re industry agnostic and problem specific.

Bots for everything

Let employees be employees and machines, machines. Trade faster, chat faster, do anything faster... leave no room for human error.

Wondering which employee is most likely to resign next?

Stop wondering, predict. Make proactive decisions.

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